Automatic video measuring machine

1. Due to the fully automatic control with the mouse and handle, the machine is simple and easy to use with high efficiency and good stability.
2. It can generate tasks for fully automatic batch measurement, and it supports automatic and manual interactive operation.
3. Lens calibration: it has automatic lens calibration, eliminating complicated calibration works.
4. It has automatic control of the light source and supports automatic lighting.
5. Light source control: it has 5 rings and 8 zones of surface light and each segment automatically controls profile light.
6, It can automatically detect the position and directions of the product, focusing on it.
7. The measurement data can be directly imported from/exported to AutoCAD, and the graphic can be saved in the DXF document.
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Roughness profilometer

The profilometer uses a probe to detect the surface, physically moving a probe along the surface to acquire the surface profile. It can directly measure some workpiece surface roughness which is difficult to measure such as holes, and grooves. It can directly read or describe the shape of the surface according to some evaluation standard with high speed, reliability, and convenience. It can also measure the profile line of various precision machinery parts, such as straightness, angle, convexity, logarithmic curve, groove depth, groove width, and other parameters.
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VMQ series one-click instant video measuring machine

The VMQ one-click instant video measuring machine is mainly used to measure dimensions, such as precision machining workpieces, stamped parts, seals, ceramic substrates, mobile phone accessories, and other high-precision products in large quantities.
The accuracy of this measuring machine can reach microns. It is easy to use, even for those unfamiliar with measuring machines. The measurement software used by this measuring machine, Dexun Intelligent Professional One-click Software, has a user-friendly interface. Operators can measure complex workpieces in just a few hours.
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The automatic one-click fast splicing measuring machine is designed for large-size 2D measurements, which has a large measuring stroke, high efficiency, and high accuracy. The machine has multiple image measurement modules, which can meet the different needs of our clients. The machine is composed of a movement control system and an image measurement system. The movement system is made of grinding grade ballscrew, high-precision linear guideway, and HD granting ruler, which has a high positioning accuracy and small noise. The image system is made from an HD camera, autofocus lens, multi-angle light source, and LED telecentric light source, which can measure the 2D dimension profile of different artifacts, points, lines, circles, arcs, distances, etc. The machine has an extension module.
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Dexun Intelligent Technology

Dexun Intelligent Technology

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Dexun Intelligent Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is a high-precision and cutting-edge technology enterprise that integrates production and sales. It adopts German production processes and builds a laboratory base in China. Our company's main products include coordinate measuring machines, image measuring machines, roughness meters, roundness meters, profilometers, roughness profilometers, flash meters, splicing measuring machines, etc...


A high-precision and cutting-edge technology enterprise that integrates production and sales

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